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I’ve been doing competitive cheerleading since the third grade. Competitive cheerleading being the third most dangerous sport in the world, I was going to get injured at one point or another; it just depends on when and how bad the injury is. Most cheerleaders hide injuries from coaches and other athletes to continue with the season, like if the athlete has a broken rib, jammed finger, sprained ankle, or wrist. Some injuries just cannot be ignored, like a torn ACL, achilles, obvious broken bones, concussions, or a jammed back. No athlete wants to be injured, but sometimes that’s the best thing that can happen to them.
Sitting out a season, or even just a month is devastating to all athletes. I’ve had to do it several times. Every time someone misses a competition, It causes a lot of reworking into the routine to happen. In most other sports, there are other players that can go into the game right away, but in cheerleading, it’s not that easy. Yes, we have people who can go in the routine if …show more content…

Even if it’s just one practice, I have a hard time with it; sitting at practice watching my teammates tumble always gets to me. It always makes me question if the sacrifice I make is still worth it. As soon as I come back and get moving again, I get a fresh reminder of all the love I have for tumbling and cheer.
Once school was out last year, I had done something to my foot. I don’t know what happened to it, but I know a general time frame it happened in. At first, I thought it was just my foot getting used to the new summer conditioning. After about three weeks, the pain had moved towards my achilles tendon. Once that happened, I only had pain when I pointed my toes, or pushed through my toes. The pain was to a point where my coach was noticing a change in tumbling, so she had me go to a doctor to make sure everything was

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  • Opines that competitive cheerleading is the third most dangerous sport in the world. most cheerleaders hide injuries from coaches and other athletes to continue with the season.
  • Opines that missing a competition causes reworking into the routine, but in cheerleading, it's not that easy.
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