Animals have Not Voice Against Abuse

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“Animals have no voice. They can’t ask for help. They can’t ask for freedom. They can’t ask for protection. Humanity must be their voice.” This quote by A.D. Williams says everything about the cruelty of animal abuse. Have you ever given a thought to animal abuse? Its not just dogs or cats in a shelter it spans a greater community. Before stopping abuse, we need to consider why it happens. Hoarding isn’t just a show on T.V about stuff in your house. There are animal hoarders. Do you have a pet at home? Do you ever get frustrated with it? Are you a responsible pet owner? What drives a person like Michael Vick to get involved with something like a dog fighting ring? You would never think that a professional football player would get into trouble for animal abuse would you? Don’t forget the people who have psychological issues and are physically cruel to animals. Animal abuse is cruel, to stop it, we need to educate people about their animals before they become a pet owner.
Animal abuse hurts animals and it’s wrong. It hurts physically and mentally. Abusing anyone is cruel and also illegal. It hurts them and sometimes for no reason. Why even bother buying a pet if you’re going to be mean to it? Is it mean to you? Many of the dogs in shelters have been abused. 98% of animals that get put in shelters die. Statistics say ⅓ of the dogs put in shelters are pitbulls. So can we just take care of them instead of having them get put in shelters and die? We should not take our anger out on anyone, especially on something that can’t talk. Even if we have a bad day why animals? People do things to their animals that I can’t even imagine. They stab, shoot, kill, starve, burn, and chain them. Sometimes people do this because their animals don’t...

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... your animal you can look at this and find a good and not cruel way to handle the situation.
Animal cruelty does not have to happen if you understand the responsibility of owning a pet before you purchase it. One reason animals are abused is they don’t understand the responsibilities of being a pet owner and take their frustration out on the pet. Other people like Michael Vick did it for the money. Some people hoard animals and do not understand what they are doing. If you have a pet at home, consider seeing them in pain. How would you feel? Education is the answer to raise people’s awareness.

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