The Harm of Animal Testing

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Throughout history, animal testing has played an important role in leading to new discoveries and human benefit. However, what many people forget are the great numbers of animals that have suffered serious harm during the process of animal testing. Animal testing is the use of animals in biological, medical, and psychological studies. The development and enhancement of medical research has been based on the testing of animals. There are many questions being asked if animal research is good or not or if the benefit for us is way greater the abuse of animals. Doing tests on animals can help find ways to cure diseases, but testing on them is wrong. Although we want to find cures for diseases to help many people, testing on animals not only brutally hurts them but it also denies the animals the rights they have. January 1st, 1959, W.M.S. Russell and R.L. Burch describes how there should not be a lot of animal testing. Russell and Burch publish “The Principles of Humane Experimental Technique,” which introduces the principles of Refinement, Reduction, and Replacement which are called the Three R’s. Reduction explained that people should use fewer animals in experiments. Replacement explained the use of non-animal alternatives over animals whenever possible. Refinement explained how people should use techniques to alleviate or minimize the invasive procedures that could potentially cause pain, suffering or distress, and to the enhancement animal welfare for the animals still used. The testing of animals have been going on for a long time and even some people have tried to help animals have less extreme conditions while being tested on. There are cases when animals are being treated badly, The Huntington Life Science was beating the anim... ... middle of paper ... ... experimentation/animal-experiments-overview.aspx. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Oct. 2013. Clemmitt, Marcia. "Animal Rights." CQ Researcher by CQ Press. N.p., 10 Jan. 2010. Web. 27 Oct. 2013. "Debatewise." Debatewise. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Oct. 2013. Manchester Evening News. . manchester-news/for-and-against-animal-testing-693965. "For and Against: Animal Testing." Men. N.p., 28 Aug. 2012. Web. 11 Oct. 2013. Sherrow, Michelle. "Life After the Laboratory: Libby’s Story." PETA Prime Life After the Laboratory Libby’s Story Comments. N.p., 11 July 2011. Web. 11 Oct. 2013. Simonziegs97's. "History of Animal Testing." Timetoast. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Oct. 2013. "What's Wrong with Animal Testing." N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Oct. 2013.

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