Arguments Against Animal Testing

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Did you know that only 5 to 25% of the time human and animal testing actually matches up? Inaccurate test results done on animals made blood transfusions take about 200 years more than should have been necessary. In my opinion, animal experimentation is unnecessary and cruel. Nowadays there are at least 450 different methods that do not require animal experimentation. In rational terms, testing on animals is in fact considered abuse to the animals because it’s against their will and will cause them extreme pain. Animal abuse is illegal throughout America. Don’t you think animal testing should be too? There are so many debates that go on that state that animals have their own rights by law. Shouldn’t we treat them with value as we do ourselves? In addition, the economy in such bad shape today, shouldn’t we be spending our money wisely or on things we actually need? We no longer need animal testing. Years ago we needed animal testing, because we didn’t have many alternatives. Today we have many alternatives and it’s just unnecessary. We need to stop doing it for the animals and for our future. [Animal Testing." Go Green, Live Green | AboutMyPlanet. Web. 5 Oct. 2010. . ] What rights do animals really have? Well in 1975, Australian philosopher Peter Singer wrote a book called’ Animal Liberation’ in it he argued that humans should not use animals for experimentation. Singer’s ideas are based on utilitarianism, which is one of many philosophies developed in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to help people decide whether something is right or wrong without going against the Bible or other moral authority. Utilitarians say we should judge actions only upon their react... ... middle of paper ... ...lth”. Or as Dr. Barbara Shane said “Even if a chemical is found to be non-toxic in animal studies, the safety of the chemical cannot be assured”. These are the reasons why I believe that animal testing should be stopped. I believe that animals should have rights and be treated with value, if we do not stop animal testing we as humans are guilty of speciesism. Also, its not good for our economy, most of it is done for cosmetics when it isn’t even required, its cruel that most of the animals that are used have been bred specifically for testing, there ARE many good, even better alternatives to it, and its simply not practical. We shouldn’t be doing human tests that are for humans, on animals. As Dr. Robert Maronpot said “the problem is we don’t know what the findings really mean”. And we do not need to continue testing on animals, there is no real reason why we should.
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