Alternative to Animal Testing

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Alternatives to Animal Testing
Animal testing has become a controversial issue among many people in the world today. Some of these people involved in this controversial debate believe that animal testing is unethical and should be replaced by other methods. The other group of people in this debate believe that animal testing is necessary in order to research new products that cannot be tested on humans. Traditional animal testing forces animals to undergo numerous experiments for different forms of research. Medical, cosmetic, and many other types of research experiments use animals to provide the results on how the new product may affect humans. There are many people that support the use of alternative methods to animal research and then there are also many people who are opposed to the idea. Alternative methods to animal testing should be supported because it is cruel and inhumane, animals may not provide accurate results, and there are numerous alternative methods that can be used without harming the animals. Opponents believe that traditional animal testing provides better results because animals are similar to humans, they have a shorter life expectancy, and it allows researchers to experiment on a whole living body system.
In today’s society alternatives to animal testing are becoming more common because of the advanced changes in technology and the awareness of what occurs during animal testing. Animal testing is known to be cruel and inhumane. Animals in research laboratories live in small cages that do not allow much room for movement. These animals are never exposed to the outside world because usually after an experiment is completed the animals are euthanized. Animals are forced to endure painful and stressful proced...

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...imited or non-existent.

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