Animal Farm

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The work of George Orwell Animal Farm uncovers a burning issue of all states of all time. This is a problem of governance. In Animal Farm George Orwell wants to show the problems, which lead to the destruction of justice in the whole state. His work based on an example of the USSR. Using this example, the writer wants such perspective not to involve all humanity. Orwell describes how the society that was meant to be just was transformed into a tyranny. During all story, the author pays attention to the variety of reasons that lead to a tyranny, which also can be interpreted as a dictatorship. The tale begins with a cruel and greedy man, who was an owner of a Farm, and ends with humanizing pigs, who become the new owner. It is like a vicious circle, which stresses that society has not matured for such action, and they return to the beginning. Actually, in our days there are enough number of states, which are following a dictatorial regime. For example, North Korea, Syria, and Uzbekistan represent such regime. It can be supposed that these countries embody “animal farm”. In their policy, one can see the aspects, which George Orwell tries to clear for people. This essay provides with some of them.
The way from the society, which is meant to be just, into a dictatorship or tyranny is quite simple. The first aspect, which will be considered, is excessive power of pigs. It is known, that in present work pigs embody the leaders of the country. There are two main figures: Napoleon and Snowball. From the very beginning of the tale, Napoleon emerges as an utterly corrupt opportunist. He never shows interest in the strength of Animal Farm itself, only in the strength of his power over it. Napoleon is afraid of losing the authority. So, he...

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In conclusion, it can be said that this story underlines the most important peculiarity of tyranny, uncovers cruelty, inhumanity. This essay tried to follow the story and open the eyes of world public, cation against terrible dangerous of transforming the world into tyranny, where the people-pigs will be the leaders.

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