Animal Farm by George Orwell

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Animal farm is a book about the struggle to be an animal. It shows how animals do not like the way they are treated by being used to do the humans work for them. The animals are inspired by Old Major who always wanted to overthrow the humans but never saw to it. Animal farm descends into a totalitarianism like government because of greed, power hungry animals, and people not against speaking Napoleon.
The pigs in animal farm were very greedy. Every time the pigs can get extra food they take it and do not share their food with the other animals. When the animals find out about this the pigs say that they need the milk/food because they are the smartest and do all the work. The pigs are the leaders in the farm which means that they can take things that they usually do not have. Also the pigs are very smart, Napoleon was the smartest pig and knew how to outsmart all the other animals. He attacked snowball viscously and chased snowball out of the farm. Napoleon began to morph the minds of the other animals to believe that snowball was the real villain and that he broke the windmill. Napoleon basically rewrites history while he is the leader of the Animal Farm by making himself the hero and snowball the villain the pigs act more and more like humans as the story goes on. They start to act like humans and even start to stand like them. The pigs do not even look at the rules of animalism anymore and they are basically humans. That was the reason why they revolted and in the end you cannot even tell the difference between the animals rule and the humans rule Totalitarianism is shown because the animals’ food is being taken, their thoughts are being controlled, and they are being cruelly treated by the pigs. The occasion where the pigs...

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... name and it was always meant to be that. This should have been the last straw for the animals because seeing your leader changing your farm name because he wants to act like a human should have been when they revolted. In the end we see a pig and a human playing cards and talking and the other animals could not tell a difference between the two. This just comes to show that if you put all your faith in one person they will never always do the right thing. This shows how animal farm slowly dissolved back into the original form but also a totalitarian state.
Overall the Animal farm turned out to be a fraud because they were on their own for years but turned back into the same thing it was when it started. The Manor Farm, Which came to show how much power Napoleon had come to possess and how he had slowly morphed the animals and the farm into a totalitarian state.
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