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Although George Orwell’s Animal Farm was created in order to mimic individuals as well as occurrences that took place during the Russian Revolution period, it is still possible to gain a comprehensive understanding of the text without a past knowledge of history through the exploitation of human nature’s imperfections. Following the publishment of his novel, Orwell confirmed that his goal in writing this fable was to expose the wrongdoing of the Soviet Union as well as the treachery of the true ideas of the Revolution. Nonetheless, there have been several other examples of events such as the French Revolution that can effortlessly be contrasted against components of the allegory. However, we need not to dig no deeper than to the fundamental faults in human nature to witness the catastrophic consequences that attributes such as hierarchy, propaganda and betrayal have on today’s society. George Orwell’s foremost objective when composing Animal Farm was to depict the Russian Revolution of 1917 as an affair that produced a government more repressive, totalitarian and lethal than the one it replaced. Various components of the text including the setting, characters and plot were created intentionally to parallel key figures and events surrounding the communist territory of Russia during the revolution. Manor Farm – where the plot unfolds – is based on the country of Russia. The character of Mr Jones is a replica of Tsar Nicholas II, the final Russian emperor. Throughout Nicholas’ rule, the Russian people were faced with horrendous poverty and turmoil, just like the animals in Orwell’s novel lead lives of starvation and desire, as revealed when the creatures rebel against Mr Jones due to the fact that he hadn’t fed them in days (page 12)... ... middle of paper ... ...lements such as hierarchy, propaganda and betrayal have on everyday life. Works Cited Curtis, Duane. “French Revolution: Success or Failure?” StudyMode. 2013. (accessed 18/05/14) Martin, Duncan. “The French Revolution and Animal Farm” Prezi. 2014. (accessed 10/05/14) Orwell, George, 1945. Animal Farm. 1st ed. 27 Wrights Lane, London W8 5TZ, England: Penguin Books (accessed 06/05/14) Author Unknown. “Animal Farm Compared to the French Revolution” Example Essays. 2013. (accessed 10/05/14) Author Unknown. “Animal Farm: The Russian Revolution” CliffsNotes. 2013. (accessed 10/05/14)

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