Animal Farm by George Orwell: Research Paper

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Animal Farm Research Paper

According to, rule - (verb) - to control or direct; exercise dominating power, authority, or influence over; govern. All people have experienced a ruler in their lives. Some rulers are fair, kind, and have the goal of making the area they have control over the best it can be to everybody living in it. Other rulers do not have the same idea. They are deceiving and the actions they take ultimately hurt all of the people in the area they rule. Joseph Stalin was one of the deceiving rulers of the Soviet Union. He worked many people to death and those who did not agree with him were sent to labor camps. In the novella, Animal Farm, this occurs as well. There was a revolution on the farm and the pig, Napoleon, takes control. Using threats and harsh punishments, he becomes a dictator, just like Stalin. In the novel Animal Farm, George Orwell uses political satires that correlate with the ruling of Stalin in Russia and his inhumane ways of controlling the country.

Animal Farm was a metaphor for the Russian Revolution. The animals on the farm overthrew the farmer who treated them unfairly, and they began their own government. As time went on the pigs made themselves rulers, the main pig in charge being Napoleon. Napoleon started to make the other farm animals do all the work while he relaxed and ordered others around. He trained the dogs to punish those who did not follow the rules of the farm, the main punishment being death. All the animals were under strict guidelines and had lost their freedom on their way to finding it again. This relates to Russian government almost identically. When Lenin, a communist leader, died, he put Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky against each other for power. S...

... middle of paper ... they made the windmill, it did not get destroyed. Napoleon and Stalin both had a plan to make the place they controlled better, but they did not have to do the work, the people that they ruled had to. In the end the plans did help the societies, but it took more dangerous work than it was worth.

Stalin wanted his country to be completely devoted to him, the same way Napoleon wanted the farm to belong to him. The actions taken in order to reach this goal were cruel and uncivilized. Working people in dangerous conditions, almost to death, will not get your country very far. George Orwell directly relates the windmill, the executions, and the dogs to events that happened during Stalin’s era. Stalin was a deceiving ruler, just like Napoleon. George Orwell’s Animal Farm is a political satire that critiques the way Stalin ruled the Soviet Union in an inhumane way.