Angelic Overview

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Angelic Overview

ANGELIC OVERVIEW: "Angels are spirits," proclaimed St.


St. Thomas Aquinas believed that angels were pure spirit, having no matter or mass, and taking up no space; but Thomas believed angels could assume bodies at will. The purpose of angels is the same as mankind: to love and serve the Lord. However, being that angels are not material beings, and possibly from a different dimension, they can serve the Lord in many different ways. Angels have far greater will and intellect than we have.

Whereas mankind must sift through and experiment with natural laws, angels can grasp

all natural laws with a single thought. Eventually we find that angels cannot work miracles per se, but they can perform many special effects that appear miraculous, such as protecting Daniel from the lions in Daniel 6. When angels appear to man, they usually

appear with wings, but the wings are not the method of loco- motion.

The angels seem to slip in and out of the fourth dimension; thus travel is more or less instantaneous. If you have access to a Catholic Bible (it MUST be Catholic), check out Daniel ch. 14, to read how the prophet Habakkuk was instantly carried, via angel, from

Judea to Babylon, a distance of 600 miles.

The primary general duty of angels is as messengers of God. (The word "angel" means messenger in Greek.) But angels can do God's chores, such as busting Peter out of jail in Acts 5, or destroying Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19. But some angels obey only the

devil, and those angels are known as "demons", as is Satan himself. Satan had been an angel, but decided to do his own thing. Angels can see all aspects of a situation instantly, since they are so very wise.

Angels, and the dimensions they live in, were apparently created before our visible world and universe. (The Bible tells us in Genesis ch.1-2 that mankind was created (or evolved) last.) The number of angels are countless. One reason they are count- less is

that the Bible holds that each person who is or has lived, in the universe, has a guardian angel (Matthew 18:10). Additionally, some people who have died may have been transformed into lower angels.

Many people witness "small miracles", and attribute them to God, when, in fact, angels may likely author the event. Speaking of miracles, some people believe that the reason more asteroids don't hit and damage planets is because each planet also has a guardian

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