Paradise Lost

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The book that I have chosen to write about is called Paradise Lost, which is an epic poem about Satan gaining power once again to take over Heaven, and to destroy God’s new world. The epic poem also conveys the struggles of God’s creation, mankind, with Satan’s sinful deeds, and the punishment that mankind has to go through for God’s forgiveness. After reading Book 1 of Paradise Lost, which was about Satan starting to plot against God, I was impressed by Satan’s determination to make an attempt to take over Heaven once again, even though he and his followers were chained to the flaming lake, tortured, as their punishment from God. I admired the fallen angels’ determination to defeat God by warping his good creations to evil, since they all know that God is too powerful for them. Although Satan is banished from Heaven, and cast down to Hell by God, Satan’s evil character has not changed. After reading Book 2 of Paradise Lost, which was about the meeting of all the fallen angels gathered together in their temple, Pandemonium, to plan the next war to take over Heaven once again, I was interested with the different views and ideas that the fallen angels had, such as Moloch, who was the fiercest fighter of the fallen angels, Belial who is cautious about the idea of another war to take Heaven again, and Mammon, who refuses to follow under God’s orders again. Moloch is an aggressive fighter, thus, he suggests to take Heaven over by using weapons of their own, however, Belial warns the other fallen angels that God did not give them the worst punishment yet, and that God can do so much more if they were to go on a war with him once again. Belial also reminds them that God is a very powerful entity that can do anything, since He was the ... ... middle of paper ... ...d in a Christian background and felt filthy and disgusting. It made me realize that all he ever wanted in the relationship was constant lust. It corrupted my view of what true love was and it hurt me greatly after our relationship ended. My parents eventually found out and now treats me very differently than before. My parents don’t trust me anymore, nor do they want to let me go outside with my friends. They worry a lot when I start to talk to boys and assume the worst. Because I gave into lust, my parents treats me differently, and it physically and emotionally hurts. The way my parents are treating me now is similar to God’s punishment for Adam and Eve. Both punishments are long term and cannot be undone. The questions I had for the author included a lot about Satan. I was wondering why Satan was the main character of this epic poem, and not God, like the Bible.

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