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Anne Frank: Her Will to Survive
Growing up Anne lived in a very wealthy and happy home. Her father was a very successful man. He owned his own business and provided more than enough for the Frank family. When Anne was born in Frankfurt am Maine, Germany on June 12, 1929 her mom and dad moved to Amsterdam, Germany. (Web. 5 Mar 2014.) Anne was one of many children, with one older sister and two brothers. (Web. 5 Mar 2014.) The Frank family always helped and served Germany whenever they could. (Web. 5 Mar 2014.) During WW1 Anne’s two brothers helped serve in the German army while her mom and older sister volunteered at different hospitals to help the troops. (Web. 5 Mar 2014.)
When WW2 began, Anne’s parents were very wise with precautions to take. They hid in the Annex of her father’s business for 5 months until they were found. ( Web. 3 Mar 2014. ) Living in the annex wasn’t described as an easy thing. The rooms were cramped, food was hard finding and work was scarce. During this vicissitude of the Jewish life, Anne Frank never left and kept in hiding with her family while her dad found work in return for food. In The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne talks about how hungry she is staying in the Annex. Coming home from work, her father would bring home small portions of food that was usually soup with a few noodles. When Anne’s dad was at work, she was so hungry that she ate a noodle from his soup one day. Immediately after work he noticed and was furious at Anne. Anne and her father before hiding had a very close relationship to what Anne would describe as him being her friend. This passage shows the change in not only the way they live but how this degrading way of life is affecting them. Things are tense, everyone is hungry and Anne can...

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...yone because she said,
I know it's terrible trying to have any faith when people are doing such horrible... But you know what I sometimes think? I think the world may be going through a phase, the way I was with mother. It'll pass. Maybe not hundreds of years, but someday. - I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are really good at heart. (John, G.. N.p..)

Although Anne frank did not live happily ever after, she made peace at war through her diary. Anne Frank, growing up in with a life everyone wanted and it being taken away and put into hiding, showed the world her survival against all odds. After her dad her dad survived he immediately published her diary. Anne Frank taught us that deep down, people were good at heart, one should make the best of bad situations, and to appreciate what you have. Because life is about living each day you have.
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