Android: An Overview Of Android And Android Operating System

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Android is an operating system which is usually used in mobile devices, based on touch screen technology, but sometimes it is also used in huge or desktop computers. This operating system is used in specific devices that only support android operating system. Such devices are known as android devices. This operating system is based upon very old operating system Linux. So combination of Linux and other operating systems make android a powerful and most featured operating system in this world. This technology is further extended by a very large and managed organization named Google due to which its features become better and easily developable. The best award that goes to android is that it is bestest operating system which get such fame and development in a very short period. The first android contain mobile device was launched by the company HTC in 2008. Now android operating system is used in more than 190 devices in the whole world.

2. What makes the Android best?
There were some features in android that makes android different from other operating systems using that time. Some ...
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