Mobile Application Advantages And Disadvantages

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There have been some disagreements in the organisation as to whether the company should build or buy a new mobile application which would allow the customers to securely view the product stock, place orders and track their orders through the supply process to order fulfilment and delivery to the premises. This report aims to determine what the advantages and disadvantages of each approach would be and therefore help the organisation to make a well-informed decision as to what route to take when it comes to the Information Technology acquisition. A thorough analysis will be made and then a recommendation will be offered up for the top executives to review in order to make their final decision. The following criteria will be looked at when analysing the build and buy options: usability and functionality, cost-benefit analysis, upgrade policy and cost, vendor reputation, system flexibility and scalability, manageability, required training, system security, maintenance and operational requirements, user easiness to learn, performance measurements, interoperability and data handling, quality of documentation, hardware and networking resources, upgradeability, ease of integration, reliability measurement and compatibility with other applications (Daneshgar, Low & Worasinchai, 2013). Buy a mobile application The company can choose between two options when deciding to ‘buy’ a mobile application, they can either buy the product outright or they can lease the product. These two options share similar pros and cons which are discussed below: Advantages Since the product can be bought off the shelf from an IT store, implementation time is shortened because it is simply about installing the software and making it available to the public and ... ... middle of paper ... ...bugs would have to be worked out of the system before it can be made available to the public. There is no way to determine exactly how long this process will take. There may be problems with the usability of the system in the sense that the application that will be developed will be one that people will have to familiarise themselves with (Rahardjo, 2006). It would be difficult to update to newer technology because the IT department would have to keep up to date and create upgrades for the application constantly so that it always meets the needs and expectations of the customers by using the latest technology advancements (Rahardjo, 2006). This would require more funding in order to allow the IT department the resources it would need in order to generate these updates on a regular or need to do basis. Outsourcing the building of a mobile application Advantages

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