Enzyme Concentration Lab Report

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This graph shows that as enzyme concentration increases absorption also increases. In this case absorbance can be used to measure the enzyme’s activity, the higher the absorption the higher the activity. Since absorption increases as enzyme concentration increases, enzyme activity is promoted by increased enzyme concentrations. After a certain point enzyme activity would fail to increase as a result of increased enzyme concentration since there wouldn’t be enough substrate for all of the enzymes to react with.

My results did not completely support my hypothesis, while I was correct about pH, temperature, enzyme concentration and inhibitors I was incorrect about substrate concentration. I originally believed that increasing substrate concentration …show more content…

Test tube 2 was the control, in this tube the enzyme was absent, and the purpose of controls are to set a baseline to see if other factors impact the result. Another control that could have been added would be a test tube that has the substrate absent and is the enzyme alone. Tyrosinase does display substrate specificity since it was able to react with the substrate. The optimal temperature appears to be slightly above room temperature for this enzyme. The reaction occurred more slowly at lower temperatures because the particles in the solution are slowing down and aren’t colliding as frequently, in the higher temperatures it slows down because the enzyme is getting denatured, this effect becomes larger as temperature increases. Changing the concentration of enzymes has a direct impact on the enzyme activity. When enzyme concentration increases so does enzyme activity, and when enzyme concentration decreases so does enzyme activity. Enzyme activity and enzyme concentration are directly proportional up until a certain point where increased concentration will have no effect on enzyme …show more content…

These conditions aren’t the same for every enzyme, for example some enzymes may have a higher tolerance for heat and may not become denatured at the temperatures where tyrosinase became denatured. Since enzymes can only properly operate under certain environmental condition it is extremely important for organisms to provide those conditions in order to maintain their functions. Organisms as a result are limited to what they can ingest and where they can live, for example ingesting an extremely basic or acidic solution could cause enzymes in a stomach to not operate

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