Analysis Of The Gospel In A Pluralist Society

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Today 's culture, founded on relativism and religious pluralism, calls into question the foundations of truth. In the face of this questioning Christians are trying to reclaim and proclaim absolute truth. Against this backdrop Lesslie Newbigin attempts to affirm the truth of the Gospel message in today 's world. Newbigin 's text serves both an apologetic defense of the Christian claim to truth through the Gospel, as well as an approach to the proclamation of that truth in the climate of religious Universalism and moral relativism in a society aspiring to be both secular and religiously pluralistic. The Gospel in a Pluralist Society can be summarized in three sections: the case of pluralism, the defense of the faith and the response of the Church.…show more content…
The congregation becomes the example of the Gospel by faithfully responding to the call to be the incarnation of God 's story that calls for the world to come to know the truth of the Gospel. The implication of this is a responsibility placed on the Christian leader to live this out for the community and willingly guide the community and its unique individuals to fulfill their call in the mission of God. This all can be accomplished because the Gospel provides us confidence because it call us to participate in the will of God. Newbigin concludes with this, “He knows what he is doing, and we can trust him. Such experience is a summons to self-searching, to repentance, and to fresh commitment. It is not an occasion for anxiety. God is faith, and he will complete what he has begun.”3 The Gospel in a Pluralist Society, like a good sermon, moves from crisis, to hope and ends with practical application. Christianity today faces a culture that wants to relegate the truth of the Gospel to a pluralism of religious values that contributes to a universal search for salvation. However, there is hope for Christians in the unique story of God 's work for the redemption of the world and the promise of Christ 's return. Because of this the church is a call to action to radically live the story of God in a community bound to the absolute truth of God and fearless proclaiming that truth in the
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