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Postmodernism has always been somewhat present during every generation of people in America. In fact, it alludes to future ideas that are cutting edge when compared to the theologies of the modern times. The Emergent church can be classified as postmodern, because it is in fact an “emerging” movement. Perhaps the question we should ask is if it’s just a phase in America, or is it here to stay? We should first answer the questions that it brings up, before we can answer what it actually represents. However, there is one thing we do know, which is that the name comes from the fact that this “movement” is gradually changing the philosophy of Christianity.
In every sense, the Emergent church is at least, improvisational. It takes Christianity, and not only challenges the traditional ways of the religion, but alters it in order to appeal to a new generation of non-believers as well as believers. The emerging church is used to describe the new and rapidly growing amount of mission Christian congregation. It is a name given to those who believe that God is the truth alone, but the old ways of exposing that fact are no longer useful in today’s society. Such things include worship, prayer, preaching, and outreach. The emerging generation sees these aspects as very flexible features of the Christian church since the old forms of expression don’t seem to have as much of an effect on society today than it did decades ago. In this logic, the emergent church is seeking alternative forms of spiritual formation that are controversial to, and within Christianity, which is making it a misunderstood movement. Like every other type of movement, this effort had just started as a conversation among its leaders.
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...nce of homosexuality. Which makes it seem like the Emergent church is not representing significant conversion growth, but instead are gathering upset Christians and making alternative beliefs. Which is why it has become vital to try and understand this movement, so that assumptions can’t be made that could potentially cause a chasm in Christianity.
The Emergent Church has both positive and negative effects. It’s beneficial in the way that it is adapting to today’s culture to assist with evangelism, but it isn’t a totally comfortable concept to grasp. Neither is postmodernism, which the emerging movement basically represents in its theologies and ideas. The fact is that for as many questions that it can answer in Christianity, it raises twice as much. However, whether or not the culture accepts this movement, the one thing that seems inevitable, is its growth.
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