Analysis Of Skittles And M & M's

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Nowadays there are hundreds of different kinds of candies and hundreds of different brands that make them. Skittles and M&M’s are among todays’ most popular candies. They’re pretty similar when comparing packaging, size and colors, although they have very different taste. They’re both small and round, and come in small rectangular bags but Skittles are more of a sugary fruity flavor while M&M’s are chocolate. These candies are known all around the world. One may ask how these candies came to be so popular? The answer lies in the different strategies companies use to promote their treats towards specific groups of people. The Skittles commercial is directed towards more of a young audience considering how it uses sexual humor while the M&M’s…show more content…
This ad is directed towards more of a mature and older audience, or a very infantile or innocent crowd. The commercial features what appears to be a happily family. There are a couple of kids, some adults and some older folks which appear to be having a great time together while sharing and eating M&M’s. They all look very joyful and united which is what all families prosper to have. While the happy family is displayed, a catchy M&M’s jingle is played in the background throughout the entire video. Finally, the ad ends with some melted milk chocolate being spilled from a big spoon followed by it turning into a couple of M&M candies being poured into a person’s hand. This last part is accompanied by a small caption in bottom of the video with one of their previous slogans: “The milk chocolate that melts in your mouth- not your hand.

The ads presented don’t really contain much wording other than the presented their slogans. The Skittles slogan goes great with the commercial considering how the male partner “shared” his skittles with the bride and she “tasted” them when they fell into her mouth. The M&M’s slogan is basically only there for promotional purposes. Although, the M&M’s did use a very catchy jingle that could help them appeal to their viewers. Since the jingle is so catchy, it sticks to the people who watch the commercial while making them think about the ad and relating it to the
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It targets young couples very well considering how much young couples are associated with sexual relationships. It also works very well attracting most young people since they’re still immature and are not used to being serious when talking about subjects such as sex. The fact that these people are not serious about these subjects is what makes the commercial so appealing to them. Since they’re not serious about the subject, it makes them laugh which makes them like what they’re seeing, which eventually leads to them being attracted to the product being
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