Analysis Of Panera Bread Against Mcdonalds

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Panera Bread Against McDonalds
Processed food is damaging for the heart and overall, the human body. It leads to long-term diseases in life that could potentially lead to death. McDonald’s major food menu is based on processed foods; however, Panera Bread has a food menu that consists of natural ingredients. The natural ingredients generate healthy components that lead to a healthy eating style. Moreover, Panera Bread is better than McDonald’s because the food is healthier, the environment is cleaner, and the service is friendlier.
Panera Bread has a variety of classic American foods such as sandwiches, soups, and a bakery that are great in quality and are healthier than McDonald’s over-processed food. Panera Bread sandwiches and soups taste natural and homemade. The sandwiches can be ordered to preference by choosing a variety of soft breads, some of which are sourdough, Panini, or flatbread and much more. Also, there is …show more content…

Panera Bread’s setting has neat and clean tables that allow a person to have a sense of ease when eating their food. There is always an employee responsible for cleaning and ensuring a neat dining area for the costumers. McDonald’s dining area is a burden when children create messes and leave tables unclean by their parents. Many of McDonald’s employees are too busy to be aware of the messes that are in the dining area to actually clean up before another costumer sits down with a meal. McDonald’s condiment section is saturated in ketchup and spilt drinks that create a sticky area, unable to be touched. When other costumers see a dirty area, they are more likely to throw trash or unwanted items that create a bigger mess. Thus, hygiene plays an important key in public restaurants. Proper hygiene allows somewhat a pure environment from bacteria and essentially a safer place to

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