Inventory Turnover Of Panera Bread

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Inventory Turnover in 2010 was 88.81 and its trailing 12 months has increased to 98.51.
With a high turnover, it can mean two things for a company. Panera Bread is either ineffective in it’s inventory purchasing or PNRA has high sales recording. We believe Panera Bread is having a high sales year, since it has been increasing in revenue, operating income and net income over the past three years since its record low in 2007. Management and marketing revamped their menu and outreach approach and have been successful in its’ returns since. Panera Bread has also been very efficient in it’s management and financing of assets.
PNRA had an Asset Turnover ratio of 1.75 in 2010 and it grew to 1.95 in the trailing twelve months. A low asset

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