Analysis Of Love And Emotion In Music

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My hypothesis is that for category Love/Emotion will have a bigger outcome, due to how much I have a desire of wanting to be loved and how they connect to my emotions from heartbreak to feeling giddy.. During the whole week of listening to my music I’ve experienced a lot of Motivation, which energizes your behavior and directs it towards your needs and desire. It occurred mostly in the sexual songs which was the “Sex” category, for example, in Lana Del Rey’s song “Cola” she had said “ I got a sweet taste for men who’re older” explaining that she has a desire of being with older men. It’s also a sexual motivation that she’s trying to also state about how being with older men gives her a lot of pleasure. In the “Food” category there was one song that had could’ve been a…show more content…
She’s showing a lot of Expressed Emotions she spills all her emotions out in this song, the way she talks in the song is like she’s very angry. Overall the song does boost my ego a little bit every time I sing it aloud. In the “Others” category I’ve listened to the song called “How To Save A Life” by The Fray, my emotions of this song are melancholy, because it talks about how the singer couldn’t save his friend, and wants us to go and help somebody out there that is suffering. My emotion for this song was sad and it was my body’s initial response towards it by just reading the title and listening to
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