Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

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"I am beautiful no matter what they say

words can't bring me down

I am beautiful in every single way

yes, words can't bring me down

so don't you bring me down today"

- Christina Aguilera

What exactly does Christina Aguilera try to convey? According to her words along with personal interviews of the true meaning of this stanza in her song, Beautiful, Christina Aguilera approaches the reader and listener with her profound emotions. She perceives that through immense pressure and criticism, she is still "beautiful."

Her tone in this song is at first mellow, but when she comes to the stanza of this song, she deliberately raises her voice to emphasize her genuine feelings. The tone describes her want and need for her thoughts to be truly heard. She wants the listener to capture her essence and the view of herself. In this specific stanza, she explains that s...

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