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Through music we are able to comprehend someone’s personality, their views, their culture, and who they are as an overall person. The music you listen to is a reflection of who you are and your own personal thoughts. As I reflect on the music I listen to I came to the conclusion that I gravitate towards songs that depict the emotions we feel through lyrics while being able to relate it to my own personal experiences. Throughout my entire life I’ve always been someone who constantly worries. It’s difficult for me to ever feel content with myself and my surroundings. Two years ago I discovered a song that I believe truly reflects who I am and captures the essence of how I feel on a daily basis. ‘’Ride’’ by Twenty-One Pilots emphasizes the aspects of my personality that I struggle with the most. The song beings to explain how Tyler Joseph, the vocalist, is constantly trying to find …show more content…

He strives for this feeling of liberation while remaining self-aware that life is composed of both good and bad moments in which you must learn to embrace both. Through my own personal experiences, I’ve been able to recognize this as well. We cannot control what happens to us, but we can learn to pace ourselves and take life day by day. I’m constantly reminding myself to not worry about the future and what it beholds yet rather learn to enjoy myself and live in the moment. One of the main reasons I connect with this song is because the chorus reflects on taking your time on the ‘’ride’’ that is your own life. I believe it’s important to not worry over something that hasn’t happened yet or may never happen. There’s no reason to rush our lives nor compare ourselves to others and how well they’re doing. I’ve learned it’s harmful to dwell on the future and forget to enjoy the moment. We should focus on ourselves and how you can achieve all you desire on your own

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  • Analyzes how tyler joseph envisions himself on a beach, relaxed, and free of any anxieties, while remaining self-aware that life is composed of both good and bad moments.
  • Analyzes how the song is composed with a lot of reggae influence, piano, steel drums, and synthesizer in order to combine different tones and patterns. tyler joseph is an incredible vocalist.
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