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While more e-commerce companies are focusing on refining their sustainability practices, it can be very costly and hard to justify in today’s economy. The Balanced Scorecard is a comprehensive approach used to help businesses understand how sustainability practices can have an effect on their productivity and business strategies. This report focuses on different options that Gogotech can use to integrate sustainability measures into their Balanced Scorecard, in conjunction with issues to consider when creating quantifiable metrics. Lastly, the report includes different methods used to improve the reporting of the sustainability-related performance of the business.
Various types of practices can be found throughout the operations of Gogotech
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Customer satisfaction helps to increase customer loyalty, reducing the need to allocate marketing budget to acquire new customers. Keeping customers satisfied may lead to those customers recommending Gogotech’s products or services to other potential customers, increasing the potential for new visitors and additional revenue and profit (Linton, 2014). In order to increase their conversion rates, Gogotech will begin to product reviews on their online store. Product reviews are proven sales drivers and something that most customers will want to view prior to making a purchase. (Charlton, 2012). Increasing the company’s conversion rates will lead to increased revenue and profits. Gogotech can also help increase customer satisfaction by improving their provision of information about delivery, by targeting delivery service offerings to user needs, and by improving delivery performance in terms of more successful delivery attempts and on-time deliveries. The following table illustrates the customer perspective of Gogotech’s Balanced…show more content…
Gogotech will strive to provide new services to customers such as custom design packages and other custom design services. Gogotech’s current professional designers will take on the responsibility to help bring customer’s ideas into reality. Gogotech has the need to capture a deep understanding of customer needs, requirements, challenges, and desires. Lacking such processes and such knowledge can cause the customer to seek alternatives and potentially harm the customer relationship (Lehmann, 2014). Improving customer service will aid in understanding the customer’s needs, therefore, increasing the sales conversion rates. Gogotech will also plan for effective implementation of initiatives. Implementing new initiatives can be a complex and challenging process, but will prove to be beneficial to the company. The following table illustrates the business process perspective of Gogotech’s Balanced Scorecard.
Objectives Measures Targets Initiatives FY01 FY02 FY03
Develop New Services % Revenue Growth 6% 8% 12% Custom design services
Understand Customer Needs % Profit Growth 4% 6% 8% Improve Customer Service
Effective Implementation of Initiatives % of initiatives delivered on time 80% 85% 90% Initiative delivered on
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