Boooho Case Study

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To provide effectiveness of internet marketing in meeting customer needs and wants, BOOHOO has made many things available to their customers to benefit from. These online features have many advantages that keep customers happy but also have disadvantages that need to be taken into consideration by BOOHOO.
Nowadays businesses constantly look for affective ways to provide their goods in order to gain customer satisfaction and accomplish their needs. As an online business, marketing enables BOOHOO to use different methods of customer service that I will be evaluating. BOOHOO like any other businesses want to be able to provide faultless service to meet customer needs as this helps them gain more customers; retain customers, become bigger and better including improving business
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An advantage to customers that is provided through Boohoo 's website is that customers are able to sign up for their own account. Signing up for an individual account will make purchasing of goods easier, as your details are already saved on Boohoo 's system. The disadvantage is that there are customers with low confidence in payment security so Boohoo will need to prove to all their customers that their online payments are secure, in order to avoid customers getting worried.
When signing up for Boohoo customers will also benefit from being updated on a regular basis. Boohoo uses previous and existing customer details in order to send them emails on the latest products, events and offers. They use their customers previous purchase in order to know what they 're likely to buy and what they 're interested in. Boohoo will then make sure they update the customer with relevant information and offers, which will attract customers to come and visit the online shop as they may have stopped checking their website on a constant
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