Analysis Of George Washington's Farewell Address

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Washington’s Farewell Address Anderson Dustin Government 200-S02 Sarah Barber Due 12 June 2017 General George Washington was the first president of the United States and he helped make the U.S. a country free. He served two terms as president and changed how the country was run. As the first president, he had to start from scratch and he realized it was not going to be easy. He believed that the president should be powerful enough to operate efficiently but not so that it acts like a dictator ship. The task that was bestowed upon him was great and he had to figure out how to act like a president. After winning the Revolutionary War and setting up the government, Washington wanted to live and die a private citizen…show more content…
When cautioning against regionalism Washington said do not let regional attachments overwhelm the national attachment for the nation. It is said that the name of American must exalt the just pride of patriotism. At that time, many Americans identify with their state he urged the citizens to not allow such attachments to happen because it could cause the union to be unworkable because people would come to believe that their region was more important than the nation as a…show more content…
Today however, this partnership is viewed as an inseparable one. The early republic years were the most condemned most divisive, disruptive, and demagogues seeking power. Washington feared that parties would lead to the spirit of revenge and that the men in parties would not govern for the betterment of man. The men in each party would use potent engines and to rein in the power for themselves. The warning that Washington put out against partnership is that it opened the door for corruption and foreign influence. When getting into foreign policy it can be very tricky and sometimes very demanding. There is a lot of quid pro quo when working with outside countries. In Washington’s address, he clearly states that we should stay out of foreign policy and should not be entangled in it. Washington writes that America had already conducted engagements in foreign policy and should let those relationships

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