Analysis Of Bipolar Disorder In The Movie

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house and filed a restraining order against him. Pat is adamant that his ex-wife is still in love with him and becomes agitated and irritated when his parents dissuade him from contacting her and told him to move on with his life. He believes that if he gets his old teaching job and deals with his disorder without taking any medication, his ex-wife Nikki will take him back. He is determined to win back the affections of his ex-wife, which could be mistaken for positivity if it was not the fact that he is unable to entertain the idea that his ex-wife Nikki may never get back with him; he also gets extremely emotional when the people around him tell him that she may not want him back. Everything he does is oriented around getting back together…show more content…
In fact, he was mostly positive throughout the movie; one can only assume that the depressive episode could have occurred while he spent eight months in a psychiatric institution because he had lost his wife and home. Most of Pat’s symptoms tended to overlap. He exhibited multiple abnormal behaviors in one manic episode, such as excessive talking and psychomotor agitation. Pat also had recurrent mood episodes during the first half of the movie mostly due to his refusal to take the medication prescribed to him by his doctor and also by telling his doctor that he would deal with the disorder on his own. Unfortunately, this disorder worsens when people refuse to take their medication or when they try to convince the people around them that they can control their disorder. Individuals can do things in addition to taking their medication to minimize the effects of their symptoms. For instance, Pat would go running every morning to deal with his high energy and avoids listening to the music that often triggered his emotional stability. Since there is no cure for this disorder, most people will have to take medication for the duration of their lifetime to lessen their symptoms and the amount of episodes that occur. There are several ways

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