Silver Linings Playbook Movie Analysis

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In the movie Silver Linings Playbook there are two main characters, Pat and Tiffany, whom portray a type of mental illness. Below, I will explain each character in regards to their symptoms and portrayal of mental illness and compare the information discussed in the Abnormal Psychology Textbook. Pat (Bradley Cooper): In the beginning, Pat was recently discharged from a mental health facility for dangerous aggression after witnessing his wife cheat on him with a co-worker. Personally, it seemed as though Pat Solitano meets the criteria for Bipolar I Disorder. Bipolar Disorder is the tendency of manic episodes to alternate with major depressive episodes, like a roller coaster. (Barlow, D., Durand, M., Stewart,S., & Lalumière, M., 2014, p. 222).…show more content…
According to the textbook, borderline personality disorder is one of the most common personality disorders. People with borderline personality disorder lead unrestrained lives. Their moods and relationships are unstable and they usually have a very poor self image, recurrent feelings of emptiness and fear of abandonment. (Barlow, D., Durand, M., Stewart, S., & Lalumière, M., 2014, p. 444). That said, Tiffany was not diagnosed nor mentioned to have borderline personality disorder in the movie, but she did portray some of the symptoms that are listed from the…show more content…
It tells the story of a person, family and community in which individuals suffer from mental disorders much the same way as people do in the real world. Not only did I find this movie quite accurate concerning mental illness but I also established some important messages concerning mental illness in today’s society. The film takes into account that mental illness is a part of society and overall has a positive outlook on it. Their illnesses don 't define their identities nor are they even the main point of the story. In coming together, the characters find the mutual support that enables them to approach their struggles and redirect their lives in a more positive direction. To some degree, this film addresses stigma and the fact that persons with mental illness should be allowed to participate in society over being kept in a hospital, in other words, it gives

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