Film Analysis of Psycho

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Film Analysis of Psycho

PSYCHO is a unique film because it is a black and white film in the

age of colour. Secondly it showed the first naked body on screen. Also

it showed the first ever toilet flush. It is a dark disturbing tale as

we do not know who the murderer is and what motive they have to murder

Marion and inspector Aborgast. It took only three weeks to make and

only cost $850,000 to make. It may not compare with modern day S.F.X

film but it is a worthy film when you consider the cinematography

used. Some great cinematography techniques used in the film are; the

rapid jump cuts in the shower scene, and extreme close-ups in moments

when action is taking place. The two scenes we will be analyzing and

interpreting in detail are;

*The shower scene

*Aborgasts' death

Prior to the shower scene the audience has seen Norman the motel

manager reading Marion’s signature, smiling he walks into the motels

lounge. Whilst in there he lifts a framed picture off the wall, this

reveals a small peephole, this provide a perfect view into Marion’s

bathroom, whilst she is getting undressed and preparing for a shower.

He then replaces the picture and with a stern expression he strides up

to his ‘mysterious’ looking house. This gives the audience the

impression that he is up to something devious or criminal.

The mise en scene of the bathroom is important for the setting of the

scene because every item in the bathroom was clean and sparkling

white. The sparkling white colour scheme represents cleanliness,

purity and innocence. The bathroom is very similar to most bathrooms.

This decision was...

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...ached themselves to Aborgast, they want him

to stay alive and out of any potential danger. Also once Marion has

been murdered, the audience want the murderer to be caught and sent to

prison, Aborgast should be the person that convicts the murderer,

instead just when he believes he could get information from the mother

he is murdered.

In contrast to this we see very little of the killer. All we see is a

black figure in the shape of a woman running at Aborgast. We only see

this much of the murderer because it creates more mystery about the

identity of the murderer.

In conclusion when analyzing I have tried to show how Alfred Hitchcock

created a movie classic, with a small budget he still uses great

cinematography techniques which have turned a worthy novel written by

Robert Bloch, into a classic ‘chiller’ movie.
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