An Unforgettable Trip - Personal Writing

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An Unforgettable Trip - Personal Writing

I finally arrived at Pakistan on a hot, June morning after nine tiring

hours. We at last arrived to a village and the heat beyond words was

irritating me. I looked around me there was trees and greenery.

I got onto to a rickshaw, the driver was talking some language that I

did not understand, he seemed quite talkative but unfortunately I

couldn't co-operate, he finally dropped me off to my destination

Kalam. Known as the Heaven on earth.

The next morning me and a friend that I had met locally. Decided to go

on an adventure. We walked for about a mile to some rural area. I was

extremely breathless considering the vast amount of heat and the lack

of water in this over dry, drought place. It was as though the sun was

trying to punish me.

I walked through the densest part of the forest; I eventually came to

a clearing. Here I could see many tropical plants and flowers as

bright as the colours of the rainbow. The atmosphere here was calm, no

noise apart from that of the insects and animals. It was dark as well

as light as the sun tried to shine through the evergreen leaves of the

tall emergent trees. There were no buildings or open space, but a

river running close by. Our hopes got high but as we got close the

water was not clean and not drinkable. On one side of the river many

tropical fruits hang in the trees just like baubles hanging off a

Christmas tree. On the other side many species of animals and insects

could be seen minding their own business. In the distance there was a

doughnut shape hut, which look deserted. We approached the hut with

intense excitement hoping to find inhabitants. But to our surprise the

place was completely isolated and seemed as though it was the only

place on the planet; as if there were no living being due to the

extreme silence. Suddenly the silence was broken as a big bird flew

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