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  • Leading Edge

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    The Leading Edge Management in organizations today are trying to capture both quality and productivity (bottom line results) from their employees, and are spending millions of dollars in time, capital, and human resources. However, without the proper paradigm shift in leadership roles, which must include a new appreciation on the importance of principled centered leadership that recognizes that people are the highest value in any organization, the investment no matter how great will not accomplish

  • On the Edge, with Sight

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    On the Edge, with Sight I have kept for twenty years a tattered and stained copy of a Matt Groenig cartoon entitled “How to be an Artist in Torment.”The cartoon asks if you were sickly, peculiar, alienated, or picked on as a child and, if so, did that make you feel superior? Another cell catalogs the requisite psychological impediments of the creative personality—rage, confusion, and self- doubt—and describes the proper look to emulate: an “overall postpunk neobeatnik semidisheveled drab yet

  • Women on the Edge of Time

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    Women on the Edge of Time "Women on the Edge of Time" by Marge Piercy, is a novel that illustrates some problems of today’s society and compares them to a possible future time. The other world that is presented in the book is called Mattapoisett. Mattapoisett is described as an utopian science fiction place because is much different from the place that Connie lived. Even thought Mattapoisett might be the world that Connie’s culture needed it is not a perfect world. Some of the problems that Marge

  • Sex in Woman on the Edge of Time

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    Sex in Woman on the Edge of Time In Marge Piercy's book, Woman on the Edge of Time, sex plays a major role in both the utopia and the dystopia. The portrayal of sex in the novel comes from a feminist point of view. The main character, Connie, is caught between a utopian world and a dystopian world where the takes on sex are on different levels. By using a feminist approach, the two worlds of sex can be examined and contrasted. In the dystopia that is Connie's present life, sex is a painful

  • Feminist Ideals in Woman on the Edge of Time

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    Feminist Ideals in Woman on the Edge of Time Marge Piercy's Woman on the Edge of Time is a dichotomy of two worlds: one utopic and one distopic. Although the world of the future is utopic in many senses, e.g. Marxist, environmentalist, etc., Piercy seems to especially focus on feminist issues. The two main characters, Connie and Luciente, are both women, and are both products of their respective societies. It is through these two characters that Piercy reveals not only extrinsic societal features

  • Siddhartha and The Razor’s Edge

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    Siddhartha and The Razor’s Edge The book Siddhartha and the movie The Razor’s Edge are two similar yet different stories. Each these two works explore man’s search for truth, self, and life’s true meaning. The main characters of these stories are very different people, yet they are in search of similar goals. The main character of Siddhartha is Siddhartha. The main character of The Razor’s Edge is Larry Darryl. Larry and Siddhartha go through several stages of their lives, which range from rich

  • Marge Piercy's Woman on the Edge of Time

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    In Woman on the Edge of Time, Piercy uses language to create the idea of a climb toward knowledge and the discovery of an unknown truth that will save the present. With the help of Luciente, Connie will rise up from the dystopia, New York, to the utopia, Mattapoisett. Piercy continually alludes traveling north or ascending.  “Mariana had been uprooted from a village near Namiquipa, Los Calcinados, and migrated with her family to Texas to work in the fields…When Connie was seven, they moved to Chicago…”

  • Upon the Edge of My Endeavor : Understanding How to Learn.

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    Upon the Edge of My Endeavor : Understanding How to Learn. I stand awake and alert. A first year college student with my sights fixed firmly ahead and my goals just within reach. A positive light is cast upon my future endeavors. Yet, as I reflect upon my educational experiences, I find myself drawing parallels between the direction in which my life is headed now and the similar paths I have traveled along before. I am forced to ask myself if I am truly prepared for what lies ahead. I have asked

  • Plato's Allegory of a Cave, Wachowski's Matrix, and Marge Piercy's Woman on the Edge of Time

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    Plato's Allegory of a Cave, Wachowski's Matrix, and Marge Piercy's Woman on the Edge of Time Plato's Allegory of a Cave is a story about prisoners that are chained underground, who can not see anything except for shadows caste on a wall by a fire. The only thing that these prisoners can see is the shadows of people. Eventually, one of the prisoners breaks free of the chain and ventures out into the real world. In the real world the freed prisoner discovers that the shadows in the cave are created

  • The Möbius Strip

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    Xander du Plooy Mrs. Virginia Campo Geometry Honors 20 April 2014 The One-Sided Object Why did the chicken cross the Möbius Strip? Well, of course, to get to the same side! Wait, what? Born in 1790, Augustus Ferdinand Möbius would grow up to become a great astronomer and mathematician. Not only this, but his name would be remembered throughout geometry and science as the man who discovered what is known as the Möbius Strip. He discovered the Möbius Strip in September of 1858 and later wrote an article

  • Descriptive Essay: Fredonia, North Dakota

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    their bond with the land in favor of brighter prospects in Fargo or Minneapolis. Fewer still have moved there by choice, perhaps running from some ghost or just preferring the solitude that is abundantly available on the arid plans that start at the edge of town. I am sure the people of Fredonia are worried about

  • U2: More Than Rock ‘n’ Roll

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    established in Larry Mullen’s kitchen back in the ‘70s. Additionally, despite The Edge and Adam Clayton being born in England the band is considered Irish, though there have been various awards given to U2 that claim them to be the best British something-or-other. Ultimately, they were founded in Dublin, Ireland where they all met through their school. Today, U2 consists of Bono also known as Paul David Hewson, The Edge also known as David Howell Evans, Larry Mullen Junior, and Adam Clayton. However

  • My Childhood Memories of Grandpa

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    When I was young my parents were very poor. They both worked hard to support the family. When my father passed away from cancer, my mom's life was harder than ever before. After my mom lost her job at the drugstore, she decided to take my sister and me to the countryside to live with my grandfather so that she did not have to worry about taking care of us, finding a new job, and working all at the same time. Since my grandpa came to visit my family every year, I never had a chance to go to my

  • Guardian Angel Creative Writing

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    I've fallen multiple times. As the ground slips beneath me, it takes moments to realize I'm about to hit the ground. I see the carpet, the asphalt, the concrete, the mulch, grow bigger as my whole body descends into an awkward position that's destined to become one with the floor. The one thing that can protect you is instinct. The instinct that draws your arms in front to protect your face and body, the instinct that instructs you to survive by all means, like your own guardian angel planted within

  • I Remember When - Personal Narrative

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    Creeme, the mechanic for the nearest town, Bude, was on lifeguard duty. It was one of those pleasant days where it was warm, but quite windy. It had become slightly windier as the day approached mid afternoon, but it was bearable. I sat at the edge of the beach in my fleece reading a Dorothy Dunnet novel. I probably would have stayed in this position for the rest of the day, if it weren't for a faint shriek I could hear coming from the distance. I looked up from my book and I could see

  • Slit My Wrist

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    The cold gleaming edge of the blade, a thin razor. It once was a replacement blade for a shaver, now it is the tool of my own death, a tiny piece of demise. The sharpened edge and cool steel a sharp reminder of what I held. My palm faced upward, a thin morbidly dotted line dashed across my wrist, the blue veins and worn crease lines hidden below the thick permanent black marker. The steel, now warmed from my hesitant and fearful touch pressed a single corner against my flesh, the natural flexibility

  • Romantic Nature Setting

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    deep water hole where the fish danced in the swirling current. I noticed the brook was beginning to flow a little faster now, and I could hear the steady, rushing noise of the water falling over the cliffs that lied ahead. We walked to the cliff's edge to look over at the crystal clear lagoon that lay below us. The falls dropped about thirty feet down before it met the pool of water below. To the sides of the waterfall were moss-covered rocks, ferns and other green plants, growing from the crevices

  • Nob Hill Research Paper

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    (-- removed HTML --) San Francisco's Nob Hill is known for it's elegance and history. It was once dotted with mansions that belonged to the four railroad barons. Nob Hill is a wonderful place to visit. There is plenty to do in this area. Visit Huntington Park, explore the steep streets, dine at one of the area restaurants, have a few drinks in one of the neighborhood bars and stay in one of the luxurious hotels in the area. (-- removed HTML --) (-- removed HTML --) Fairmont Hotel (-- removed HTML

  • Grocery Store Injuries

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    What To Do If You Fell At The Grocery Store And Didn't Notice Injuries Until Later If you slip on the floor while you're grocery shopping and fall to the floor, you'll probably be embarrassed and try to hide your accident. Your fright and embarrassment can even be enough to mask the pain you feel from your injuries. Plus, some injuries don't even show up right away. Your neck or hip may not be sore until later that night or the next day. If your injury was caused by negligence on the store's part

  • Creative Writing: The Red Girl

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    "Wrong again." Two beautiful girls sit on a red large canopy bed in the corner in a golden room highlighted with red gold and pink. In their hands, they hold dark wooden embroidery hoops securing white threaded cloths. One girl, dressed in red pink and gold sighs in frustration, she then unravels some of the red thread from the white cloth leaving behind tiny holes in the fabric. "Will I ever get this right?" The girl in red laments to herself as she began to start from where she messed up. "In