My First Memory- Personal Narrative

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My First Memory- Personal Narrative I’ve had many memories during my lifetime, many good, and some bad. My very first memory takes me back to my very first house, a substantial s0mie- detached house situated in the heart of Hartford. I was probably about six years old and so was my sixth Christmas. I have a vivid memory of waking up very early in the morning, staggering into my parents’ bedroom and literally dragging them out of their bed. I then progressed onto forcing them to follow me down the stairs, and as I reached the bottom, I just stood there, gazing at the extravagant tree, mesmerised by its beauty. As I stood there, gazing at the excessive tree, it suddenly struck me, it was Christmas! What was I staring at a tree for? I had presents to unwrap! I ran over to the tree and began to tear open the presents, engulfed by the many different colours of attractive wrapping paper. When I had finally finished demolishing the paper off the presents, I had a huge pile of toys, lego, power rangers, action men, you name it, and it was under that tree. Just before I headed into the kitchen to help myself to a drink, I noticed a huge figure lurking behind the curtain of the dining room. I ran over to it and threw back the curtains – a bike! A real life bike! All for me! Completely oblivious to the fact that I was only wearing my pyjamas, I hauled the bike outside and suddenly realised it was snowing! I began to ride the bike up and down the road, leaving tracks in the snow everywhere I went, just like a s... ... middle of paper ... ...nd made me feel so cool. Suddenly I started weeping. I did not know why I wept for a while. I did not want to show my tears to my father. After I wiped my tears, I said to my father, "Father! Hurry up! I want to see the top." After two hours passed, I was able to get to the top of the mountain finally. My clothes were totally wet but this did not matter to me. [IMAGE]I felt so proud of myself and I thanked my father for helping and encouraging me. On the top of the mountain I could see the huge sun going down in the west. It looked like a prize given from God. The colour of the sun looked like a big fireball. At that time I did not know what he said to me exactly, but now I realized why he said something meaningful. He taught me the way to get over my problems in the future and helped me develop my self-confidence.

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