An Essay On Community Service

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Over the years in high school and elementary school, my family has done a huge amount of community service. I used to do it with my family until I got older and was able to drive. In high school, I did a lot of community service not only to get into college, but because it was something I enjoyed personally. I did everything from Adopt a Family for Christmas to picking up garbage off the ground in my town. My family has made community service a very important thing for us. We always try to help out in any way we can, because it feels good to help and because we would want someone to do these things for us. My mother has also always bought meals for the people on the street or handed them extra water bottles we had laying in the car. Little things like handing out needs to a stranger in need of help, is something I have always felt great about. Now, I always try to help out the people on the street. Due to my immense amount of community service, I had won a $1,500 scholarship that twelve other people were running for in my school. I deserved it and I’m proud of myself for everything I accomplished during my time in high school. I will continue to help out as much as I can. I knew I wanted to work with a partner for this project because it…show more content…
Every year, we put on a Christmas bingo party so they can win some Christmas gifts and gift cards. It takes about five hours. We give out pizza, drinks, snacks and goodies. I really enjoy doing this because I walk around and ask everyone what they need and how they are doing. A lot of them tell me all about themselves and they enjoy telling me and having someone to talk to. I hand out food and drinks and help them mark their bingo cards. I am surrounded by amazing people who deserve to have fun and enjoy the holidays with people around them. I will always cherish these moments with people and it was always gives me a great

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