Definition Of Community Service In The Jewish Community

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If you were to ask society ‘what is a community’ their answer would be “A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common”. To me my community is something different. I did all of my community service in the jewish community. By doing that it changed my definition of what a community is. From experience in doing community service with a non-jewish community I can say to you that there is a difference. Maybe it was where I did it but I didn't feel comfortable or welcomed. I felt like I was just doing a service, finishing it quickly as possible and getting the program-runner to sign my paper. This year doing my community service in the jewish community changed my description of what a community is. They make you feel welcomed, make you understand the meaning of what you are doing and the difference it will make in the community. Most times I did go to the Jewish community I didn't even bother bringing my hour-sheet because I knew I’d be back plenty more times. My responsibilities during my community service were as followed: I go to the synagogue Montreal Torah Center down my street. They have a group for teens my age called Cteens. It is a group where lots of teens my age come and do something different each time to help the community. This year my friend Anabelle and I got invited to participate. Considering it is a Jewish synagogue, we sometimes base what we do on the holidays. To me, community service is simply helping out your community or city. I always thought that ‘hey, what will one basket make a difference to a child’ but one time I actually went to deliver the basket to whom I made it for. The smile on the child’s face showed me that one basket does actually make a difference and... ... middle of paper ... ...feels simply good. I feel like I’ve gained respect, and learned how to treat others kindly. Community services provided opportunities for me to become active, and a positive contributor to society. By participating, I’ve formed new bonds with a lot of people, such as the girls in charge of the organization where I volunteer, as well as with the members of the Jewish community. I can truly say that not only did I help my community that I enjoyed myself while doing so. I would just like to say that I think it is a wonderful thing that they oblige you to dedicate a certain amount of your time to help others in need. Although you may feel that you have to do it because the school said so, later on you develop a desire for it, maybe even a need for it. It’s an amazing thing that we need to cherish for the rest of our lives and pass on to the future generations to come.
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