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NHS Application Essay Growing up, my parents and other influential figures around me modelled the importance of community service through their continual volunteer work and dedication to improving the world around them. Whether it be participation in a well-attended project or persistent contribution to a helpful organization, those aforementioned individuals were formative in guiding me towards a path filled with opportunities for having an impact on my community. Animal rescue, especially, has been a large part of my identity. Continually since birth, my family has been members of the League for Animal Welfare (LFAW), a no-kill shelter dedicated towards rehoming previously displaced animals. It became custom for me to visit the shelter …show more content…

However, I made the choice to collect donations for the League from the party-goers rather than increase the items with which I can let collect dust in my room until it the initiative is taken to give them to a child who, ultimately, will enjoy them more. From this experience, I realized the how infinitely more fulfilling and worthwhile giving to others is as opposed to augmenting a collection of things. The enrichment of dreaming about how many crystal-eyed kittens and wet-nosed dogs could be benefitted from the donations has proven to be more vividly memorable than any material gift or elaborate celebration. Furthermore, I have had the opportunity to participate in many projects with Queen City Greyhounds related to rescuing greyhounds from the vicious cycle of dog racing. Many states have previously outlawed this practice, but in many southern states, major cities host greyhound racing as a commodity. Consequently, the dogs are viewed as nothing more than a means through which to make profit; if a dog is no longer able to race well enough to generate money, they will either be euthanized or put up for adoption by a

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