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The power of one person can truly make a difference in many different lives. Public services make sure we have fresh water and air, food is clean, and material products are safe. If we did not have public services our society would be dirty and unhealthy for everyone. I believe that high schools should have all of the students do volunteer work to be able to graduate. It would help out many different communities and the students would be learning how to do more hands on material. I graduated from Brentwood High School and for the students to be able to graduate we had to do 50 hours of community service. In my opinion, I believe that college students should even have to do some sort of community service to be able to graduate, the service…show more content…
If colleges had their student do community services it would be helpful for everyone involved. If all students contributed to the communities in some way it would make a huge difference, and if they had a chance to prove that they are of some use to the community a lot of students will achieve more in life. As a graduate from Brentwood High School I thought having to do a grad project at the time was not necessary and I didn’t think that we should have been forced to do it. I thought 50 hours was too much time and that it should have been cut. For a lot of high schools students they have to do an interview and that’s all they have to do, but for Brentwood High School you have to do 50 hours of community service of your choice. You have all four years to be able to get your hours done, they give you an advisor they are supposed to help you figure out what you want to do, and you meet with they probably 5 times in a school year. I waited to do mine, my senior year, and you are allowed to have a partner if you want one, and I decided I wanted…show more content…
If no one wants to help out the community than it is not going to be a very good place for people to live. There is something to do for everyone. Barack Obama President of United State, says, “I ask you to seek opportunities when you leave here, because the future of this country – your future - depends on it” (633). You can’t expect things to be great if you aren’t helping out in any way. If you want to live in a good community than you have to help out in any way that you can, you do not have to do the hardest things possible you just have to be a little helpful for the community. I understand that not a lot of students have a lot of time between all of the school they have and if they have a job, but they can make time to do volunteer work once a month, or once every three months just something that would help out. If students have to do volunteer work than I believe they should be able to pick what they want to do, and what they are interested in doing. If something is assigned to them they will not want to do it, and they would not be trying hard while doing

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