The Start Of The Civil War Essay

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Anthony Siegworth
Ms. Steve
21 April 2014
The Start of The American Civil War
The start of the American Civil War began in April of 1861. The North and the South held and still hold different views and reasons on why the war began. Some say it was economic differences and others focus on slavery and everything inbetween. Historians are still studying this topic today there is no true answer on how the war began but different views. The question remains: how did the Civil War Begin?
Abraham Lincoln had just become the 16th president at the start of the American Civil War. He held ideas that were going to change America in many ways. He grew up in Kentucky as a kid but moved north at age 19. In his later years he became president without a vote of the south. Lincoln was not focused on slavery. Abraham Lincoln wanted the country to come together and agree on one economy (Goldston). If they did not agree and rebelled he said, “shall it be peace, or the sword.” (Abraham Lincoln)
The economy in the South was prosperous from the production and sale of cotton called the Cotton Economy.Cotton was their main income of money in the south and it is how they made their livings. Slavery was cheap so they had a major role in the economy as well. The south did not want to change their ways because they would take a big hit in the economy and go broke if the slavery was abolished. With the North pushing to change the ways of the south the south did not like it. They began to rebel in the South and prepare for war.(Nardo)
Industry was the main economy of the North keeping them prosperous. Because of this, farming wasn’t a major income source, so they didn’t require the use of slaves, nor did they own them for the little farming they...

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...nd it should not be used. With having a reason they were able to attack for the states that they wished to take. (Ferling John)
The Beginning of the Civil War is a connection between many things that were going on at this time in America. There is no real answer to what may have caused the war as of now. Many historians are still looking at the facts today and trying to figure it out themselves. They struggle with the amount of things that were happening during this time period to find the real answer still today. Alot of how this war began was peoples opinions and beliefs. Many would argue that one was better than the other. Some will say the South will rise again and fight for their economy and slavery will come back into play some day. With no one able to predict the future though we can just reflect upon the past and study the facts. How did the Civil War begin?
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