Abraham Lincoln: The Turning Point Of The Civil War

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What would it be like to be the leader of a country during an internal battle? Abraham Lincoln had to deal with that, along with slavery, other countries at war, and states seceding from the union. Imagine how much pressure one would be under. The problem of slavery was growing across America quite rapidly before and during the civil war. Abraham Lincoln strongly detested slavery. Mr. Lincoln saw no way to end the ongoing struggle of slavery, all while he did not want it to spread, feeling that it will help the south so much in the war. The hope for a compromise in slavery broke in 1854. The Kansas-Nebraska act stated that the residents of a state should be the ones to chose if their state will accept slavery. This act overturned the Missouri…show more content…
This battle was the turning point of the Civil War, it also proved that Robert E. Lee was not invincible as most northerners thought.The battle lasted three days and there were 46,000-51,000 deaths.The death tolls were pretty much even which was remarkable due to the South having two armies to the Norths one. The South retreated on July 4th, 1863. This battle was important because if the South would have won the battle they would have won the war. The North eventually won the war because this battle turned the tides. Abraham Lincoln 's Gettysburg address was the most famous speech of all time. Astonishingly it only lasted two minutes. It showed the new birth of our freedom, which was huge to our country. It was about how the North could win the war, and how they would win the war. The war ended on April 9th, 1865. Blacks soon got the same rights as all other human beings. Abraham Lincoln decided to let Louisiana back into the nation. This was the first state back into the Union after they had seceded. Five days after the war Abraham Lincoln was shot and killed. His killer was John Wilkes Booth, an actor in the Forbes Theatre. His motive to kill was that the south had lost the war. after shooting the president, Mr. Booth jumped off the balcony and out the back entrance onto a horse. He went missing for 12 days. Few people helped Mr. Booth but one did and let him stay in

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