Amazons Fulfilment

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Amazons Fulfilment
Is Amazon a bubble waiting to burst? The following discussions in this research paper will explore several key issues from its birth to its debatable future. Amazon is not a stranger to arguments revolving around questions of its longevity and success. When the systemic bubble of 1999 arrived Amazon’s corporate goal was to get big, to do it fast, and to establish a hold of new markets before any other competitor. During this time frame Amazon began branching out and selling anything and everything. With the burst of the internet bubble in 2000 and 2001, Amazon changed its goal from growth to aggressively making profits in all areas of their business. In 2001, Amazon’s founder and CEO stated in a Wall Street Journal article “We’ll ferociously manage the products we carry so that we sell only products that are profitable. The thirty-pound box of nails isn’t long for our world” (Elmer-DeWitt, 2001).
Amazon is remaining steady to its model and is still providing goods at a low price, and providing their deliveries in the shortest amount of time. Amazon maintains the practice of making sure that every product it sells turns a profit. However, the debate lingers especially with investors who are expecting a return on their investments. The chief executive of Forrester Research George Colony stated in a New York Times article that “At some point, the piper must be paid.” How? “By raising prices. I don’t see any other way” (Streitfeld, 2013).
Almost twenty years ago, an individual named Jeff Bezos had a vision. He saw financial potential with the growth of the internet. He wanted to change the ways of retail commerce in a way that had never been done before. Amazon began as a vision and was born in Jef...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains amazon's "fulfilment by amazon" model, which allows asian and american sellers to send their products to amazons fulfillment centers in various locations throughout the u.s. and global markets.
  • Explains the fba model, which helps the seller reach more customers. the order is filled by sales channels using inventory stored at fulfillment centers where inventory is strategically placed for easy and quick delivery.
  • Explains that amazon's tracking information and customer service are two of the greatest perks for sellers.
  • Explains that jeff bezos created amazon as a market place where people could buy consumer goods online. it worked on jit methods to expand its retail monopoly.
  • Explains that amazon's corporate goal was to get big, to do it fast, and to establish a hold of new markets before any other competitor.
  • Explains that amazon is caught in a precarious state because of its pioneer way of thinking, which puts it ahead of our current laws.
  • Analyzes how amazon moved into the asian market even though it took 18 years to come into india. the launch into japan was probably the least successful for amazon.
  • Explains that amazon's e-procurement strategy is impressively developed. amazon has an online fulfilment resource for all sellers, which guides them through their processes.
  • Explains that customer service is an aspect of business that can make or break the reputation of many brands. bezos keeps a public email address so customers can reach him with complaints about amazon's service.
  • Explains that amazon offers multiple ways for customers to get in touch with any help they may need in a way that fits the customer’s communication preference.
  • Explains how amazon makes refunds and exchanges as simple as possible to convince customers to stick with online shopping.
  • Explains that amazon invests in a group called "competitive intelligence", whose primary goal is to find any process that can be changed to increase its competitive advantage.
  • Explains that amazon wins in online customer service, while netflix sinks like a stone.
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