Alzheimer's Effect On Caregivers

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The Psychological Effects of Alzheimer’s Disease on Caregivers Aging seems simple, although, this process has escalated where it can be a hindrance to the individual and others around them. Alzheimer’s disease, a form of dementia, is where nerve cells that control memory, language, and reasoning are gradually being destroyed in the brain inhibiting daily functions (Draper 5). This ailment transforms the life of the victim which causes them to rely on caregivers for support. Although, the caregivers are generous to provide aid, this task can be overwhelming to them. Alzheimer’s not only effects the patient but the caregivers around them bringing stress, frustration, and depression in their lives. Caring for an individual with Alzheimer’s is a hard task which brings stress to people who are providing care out of their own generosity. This aid is beneficial to the patient, but can wear out the providers mentally and physically. As caregivers, they may spend more time caring for loved ones then themselves which could lead to a variety of health problems including: vulnerability to illnesses, loss or gain of weight, or chronic pain (“Medletter” 55). This ailment can take away the precious time of caregivers leaving them stressed from the constant care they provide. Although stress is an affliction to caregivers, frustration can also impact them. …show more content…

Alzheimer’s disease shouldn’t be treated lightly because a person with Alzheimer’s disease will need to be constantly monitored. Caregivers have the responsibility of caring for loved ones who can no longer care for themselves. (“Medletter” 54) This generosity is appreciated, but can cause these providers to undergo stress, confusion, and depression. Thankfully, there are people willing to care for those impacted by the disease, despite the overwhelming strain of caring for

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