Alan Alexander Milne ( A. A. Milne)

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Alan Alexander Milne ( A. A. Milne)

When reminiscing on past memories of favorite books, cartoons, songs and stuffed animals, many people will think about Winnie the Pooh. The man behind all of your fun filled childhood adventured with Christopher Robin and his bear friend Pooh is Alan Alexander Milne, more commonly known as A. A. Milne. Besides his creation of Winnie the Pooh short story and poetry books he was a very accomplished man through out his whole life. He showed great affection to family members, friends, and to his wife and child. He was also dedicated to his work and set his mind to whatever task he was facing.

Family life for Milne was very unusual, he experienced love and hate towards different members of his family. On January 18, 1882 in London, A. A. was born as the youngest son to Sarah Marie and John Van Milne. (Collier, Nakamura 1685) A. A. and his two older brothers Davis Barrett (Barry) and Kenneth John (Ken) grew up in the Henley House. This was a school for boys that his father ran. (WWW) As Milne grew up, he and his brother Ken became very close although he showed no affection for Barry. This is how things stayed for the rest of their lives. (WWW) Alan Alexander once said he and Ken shared “ ‘Equally all belief, all knowledge, all ambition, all hope and all fears’ ”. (WWW) While this statement symbolizes how close a bond there was between them he went on to say this about Barry and his relationship, “ ‘ Whoever heard … of two frogs assuming a friendliness which they don’t feel, simply because they had been eggs in the same spawn. Ridiculous.’ ” (WWW) Barry and A. A.’s relationship worsened as Alan watched Barry’s wife, Connie, suffer through Barry’s unfaithfulness. Also, as their father John was dying, Barry deceitfully convinced him to change his will. This gave Barry the largest portion of his father’s money. By Barry’s inhumane actions, it took away precious money needed from grandchildren and Ken’s widowed wife, Maude. (WWW) Barry never regretted it and he and Alan never spoke one more word to each other again. A. A. even refused to say anything to Barry while he was on his deathbed. (WWW)

Alan Alexander Milne was always and exceptional student but writing always dominated his life. In 1893 Alan Alexander attended his first year at Westminster School which his older brother Ken also attended. (Collie...

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...regard him impersonally as the creation of one of my favorite authors.’ ” (WWW) Christopher began to come to terms with his father once again just in the nick of time. In October of that same year Alan Alexander had a stroke which left him close to death for his remaining three years. On January 31, 1956 he past away. At the service held for him Dorothy and Christopher barely talked and those few words that were exchanged between the two of the were also there last to each other although Dorothy lived for 15 more years. After his father’s death, Christopher forgave him and he too became a writer. (WWW)

Alan Alexander Milne was a great influence on society then and society today. His books have continued to be best sellers and people all over the world love and cherish the cuddly bear, Winnie the Pooh. Throughout his life he was a role model and leader for his colleagues, friends and his family. Even though through out his life he experienced bad relationships, he managed to overcome them and go on in his exceptional life. What made him a different wrote then many was that he didn’t just think of his job as work, he truly loved what he did and wouldn’t give it up for anything.

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