The Importance Of Literature In Children's Literature

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Literature has an enormous impact on a child’s development during the early years of his or her life. It is important for parents and teachers to instill a love of reading in children while they are still young and impressionable. They are very naive and trusting because they are just beginning to develop their own thoughts, so they will believe anything they read (Lesnik, 1998). This is why it is so important to give them literature that will have a positive impact. Literature can make children more loving, intelligent and open minded because reading books gives them a much wider perspective on the world. Through reading, children’s behavior can be changed, modified or extended, which is why books are so influential in children’s lives while they are young (Hunt, 1998). Literature has the power to affect many aspects of a child’s life and shapes their future adult life. One positive element of reading is that it gives children the opportunity to develop their thoughts on books, which strengthens their cognitive development and encourages deeper thoughts. …show more content…

The literature that children read has the power to promote positive emotional behavior and moral development. Children’s literature “contains numerous moments of crisis, when characters make moral decisions and contemplate the reasons for their decisions,” which is an important skill that children need to develop. (Norton, p. 34. 2010). One book that helps children emotionally is called Scar by C. Moundlic. This story is about a boy who loses his mother at an early edge and has to learn how to cope with the grief. This book requires a lot of emotional intelligence and it helps children understand what death is (Kiefer, 2001). Reading books the deal with emotions, give children the knowledge to talk about their feelings instead of keeping them bottled

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