What Is Natural Medicine Argumentative Essay

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THESIS STATEMENT: Today’s doctors stand overly dependent on chemical pharmaceutics when drafting treatment plans for patients. Physicians should first endorse treatment plans involving natural, homeopathic medicines, especially when aiming to solve miniscule health issues. INTENT: I intend to help readers question their healing practices and the state of today’s formal medicine—to influence thought, education of the reality and exploration of the natural medicine realm. “INTRODUCTION:” As a super advocate for the “all natural lifestyle,” I have long been interested in exploring the medicinal sphere. In conducting my own small-scale experiments with natural medicine, taking Goldenseal pills instead of Dayquil or conventional antibiotics,…show more content…
o Is there a correlation between a booming pharmacy markets’ cohort and the unreliability notion of natural medicine? • The Herb • Since the beginning of time, marijuana has been used for healing—and science has, to an extent, corroborated its healing properties. Marijuana helps users cope with pain amongst several other alleged benefits. Research remains suspended due to the prejudices of today’s society. AUDIENCE: The target audience is everyone, really. Everyone occasionally suffers from sickness, thus everyone should / may be interested in reading up about cheaper less harmful ways to cure much of the ailments they experience. o Ex. Breathing through a handkerchief that has a couple drops of Peppermint oil on it to treat nausea rather than using over-the-counter…show more content…
Medicine Man. The practices of Medicine Men from cultures around the world, who solely rely on natural medicines, has never garnered credibility from the modern world. Much of their practices, minus the supernatural based practices, actually work (I must to do major research to back up this statement. It is a huge claim but I believe in it enough to make it. Remember, the almighty Goldenseal? Native American Medicine Men used it in their practice. It was through them that Goldenseal was known to be a powerful medicine). These people are natural medicine experts. Their ancestors studied natural medicine, the wisdom being passed down and added to with each generation. Giving the Medicine Man credibility by adding “Dr.” precisely expresses the plan for the

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