Agriculture in Malaysia

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1.0 Introduction
Here in the introductory chapter, there are eight main areas will be presented. About first section will be a brief explanation of the background of the study, second section presents problem statement. Research objectives, research questions, hypothesis and significance of the study are outlined in third, fourth, fifth and sixth sections. Left is the seventh section elaborates the scope of the study and final section describe about the definition of terms and key terms used throughout the thesis in the summary.

1.1 Background of The Study
Agriculture means the activities that produce the food and feed the livestock by people. There are several means, functional that find out are agriculture is the process to produce the food by growing green and increase the livestock. Agriculture is still largely based on traditional methods in some countries. The area depends on agriculture for most of its income.
Self and Grabowski (2006) stated that agriculture’s role in the overall process of economic development has been a much discussed topic. In closed models of economic development agriculture is seen as providing certain necessary things for the expansion of the modern industrial sector; food, savings, etc. From an open economy perspective the role of agriculture is much more ambiguous. In an open setting many of the necessary things discussed above can be brought in from the outside through foreign investment, imports, etc. Thus agriculture’s role is much more ambiguous. It will be argued in this paper that agriculture’s role in the process of economic development is much more subtle than has previously been perceived in the literature. Specifically, there is a link between agriculture and institutiona...

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...ulture sector as independent variable.
To analyses role of the agriculture in economic development in Malaysia, this study is use the annually data from selected years. These data and information are obtained from Index Mundi, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), and other time series and information sources from internet.

1.8 Summary
In this chapter, we found that agriculture is the process to produce the food by growing the plantation and increases the livestock for the consumption. Then different countries such as China, Malaysia and Africa have the different types of agriculture system and their sector itself. In Malaysia, the examples of agriculture sector that give the contribution towards the economy are palm oil, milled rice, centrifugal sugar and coconut oil. Lastly, this contribution will measures with using the GDP and from annual data from 1982 to 2011.
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