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Impact of Agricultural Revolution in Medieval Europe
The Ancient world was in demand of technology as it saw a rise in complications to the world generation after generation. One very important form of rise in technology was in agriculture. The Agricultural Revolution saw a number of inventions in Medieval Europe. It saw the introduction of tools like the Heavy plough, the harrow and the mills to name a few. They also came up with new techniques in farming. These inventions and changes had a huge impact on Medieval Europe. It lead to more jobs and also more produce which eventually lead to more income.
The older ploughs known as the ards or the scratch ploughs age back possibly to agriculture itself. An ard is an instrument that tends to tear up the soil more than turning it over. (Comet). Heavy ploughs are asymmetrical instruments and have a moldboard attached to it to turn the soil either left or right. (Comet). The heavy plough was used to turn the soil, which improved the weed control. Also it was advantageous in Europe as the soils were clayey and this tool was strong enough to turn clayey soil. (White, L Jr.) This was a great invention as it also decreased a lot of manual labor work for the farmers and also helped in weed control as mentioned above. An improvisation to this tool,with a wheel on the bottom lead to it becoming heavier and also a high yield in food production. This wheel further decreased manual labor, as it was easy to carry the tool around. This tool is still considered a reason behind significant population and financial growth in Europe around 9000 AD (Newman).
Another great invention of this time was the water mills. An invention that i...

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... population the next generation. (Lienhard)
The Agricultural revolution saw a big change in medieval Europe. It may have occurred just after Charlemagne’s fall but this gave not only the empire but the world a huge benefit. It is strange how all these technological developments complemented each other in their working. The heavy plough worked in crop rotation for sowing thousands of seeds and the mills worked in it too with the irrigational facilities. The agricultural revolution played a huge role in bringing glory to a broken empire. The heavy plough, the windmill, the tidal mills, the wheel barrow and the concept of Crop farming brought great prosperity and financial benefits to the empire. The agricultural revolution is significant even in today’s world and it is commendable how engineers managed to bring such great inventions in the medieval times.
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