African Americans And African American History

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Over the past weeks in HIS 176 African Experience, we learned about many significant events that made Africa what it is known for today. From the evolution of human’s origins to the great Ancient Egyptians times, Africa has many historical events that shaped the world around us today. However, it is important to know about Africa historical events, but let’s take out the time to learn more about Africa outside of the classroom; your own thoughts and research about great Africa. Taking the time to research a topic such as Africa outside of the classroom, gives you more knowledge and understanding of its culture and daily events. So my latest encounter of learning something exciting about Africa was when I was in High School as Junior. I had this amazing class called African American History. This class was based on the studies of African American or “Blacks” being viewed in America during the late years of 1800’s and present, and also some inspirational figures that dedicated their lives to uplift Africa and also people around the world; known as Nelson Mandela. According to, Nelson Mandela was born in South Africa on July 18, 1918. He was known as anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician and also became the first black president of South Africa. An Anti- apartheid is a system/policy that deals with discrimination of races. His political standpoint was very precise toward South Africa, he believed that every citizen being equal under the law. However, all of these changed when South Africa government had banned Mandela for his point of view and imprisoned him. As it stated in the article called “The Political Philosophy of Nelson Mandela” by Kibujjo M. Kalumba. It states that “the South Africa headed towards an Afric... ... middle of paper ... ... tying to the back of a police car by hands and driving off. His body was later found in a pool of blood in the police custody’s. This is an act of some barbaric. Never in my life would I thought that senseless killing would be that amusing. As analyzing the further information of the investigation, they didn’t know why the 7 police officers would commit this senseless crime. This also happened in Daveyton, east of Johannesburg. The officer is now been sentenced to over 105 years in prison altogether. By reading this article, reminds me to the United States. Countless of people are dying for no reason. If Nelson Mandela was still living, he would frown upon this decision that the police officers has committed. This journal opens my eyes to more clearly to the world around us, being aware of these events can express feelings and concerns to this world we live in.

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