Afforable Care Act or Obamacare

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The red hot topic of the day in the United States of America today is Obamacare. It is also known as Affordable Care Act. This particular act was signed by the current U.S. President, Mr. Barack Obama in the year of 2010. It has many advantages and disadvantages as we believe. Millions of Americans are divided over this specific issue. When people hear about Obamacare they always think that it is going to hurt them. What many of them do not understand is that it is not only going to hurt them but can also help or benefit them in many situations. I strongly believe that one should first study and understand it thoroughly before making any kind of judgments or decisions on it. There is a reason why I say that. When millions of people are divided over one issue, there is something in it that is interesting to know or come across as I think. In this paper, I tend to learn in detail about what this so called Obamacare is and what purpose does it serve. Even though, many of the U.S. population claim or believe that Obamacare will hurt everyone and will have lesser benefits to it, I personally do not see that happening according to my researched articles and studies. First of all, I want to start out by bringing a significantly important point across which many of the U.S people do not really understand or know about when it comes to issue like this. As stated in the article, “Under Obamacare, if you like employer health plan, can you really ‘keep it’? only a small percentage of the US population needs to sign up for the Obamacare health care plans (Trumbull). While researching on this particular topic I want to concentrate on knowing who that small percentage of the population would be who would need to enroll for the so called Obamac... ... middle of paper ... ...t by stating its several advantages according to my knowledge on the issue. As far as I know, I think that Obamacare is mainly there to help the people who are proved to be poor or fall under the similar kind of category according to the U.S government data. People, who earn way less than the middle class family earning could receive insurance through private insurances and also get federal subsidies if eligible under Obamacare. I think that only this issue proves how important or helpful it is for most of the citizens of our country. Not many people can afford insurance, but if Obamacare is there, it would help those poor people or people who can’t afford to buy insurance on their own. I say that because I know not all the employers provide insurance to their employees. In particular private businesses and self owned business people cannot afford to have insurance.

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