Affirmative Action in the United States

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1046 words

If you ask what affirmative action is numerous Americans in America could not tell you the definition of affirmative action or how it affects us as individuals and our communities in the United States. When trying to understand the issue of affirmative action you have to ask yourself the key question what is affirmative action? Affirmative action are laws that are put in place referring to various government policies that aim to increase the percentages of African-Americans, women, and other minorities in jobs and educational institutions. The policy gives major companies a required percentage of employers to hiring that are in minority groups. Now that we have clearly identify what affirmative action is we need to ask our-self are the affirmative action policies being put into place in American companies? In this paper we will compare and contrast two articles and discussing in detail two sides who the experiences with affirmative action affects minorities in the community and education system. In the article, “One Nation, Indivisible”, by Ward Connerly he expresses the legislators approval of the affirmative action laws and how it affects the society. On November 3, 1998, in Washington D.C., state legislators approve Initiative 200. The residents of Washington decided to put an end to race based categories and treat everyone equally with no discrimination or favoritism. Connerly says, affirmative action is a threat to the culture of equality that defines the characteristics of the United States. In the article, “Pro and Con” by William G.Bowen and Derek Bok the facts were based from a study research. They examined the college encounters of some 60,000 students in which 3,500 were African American, who had enrolled in 28 select... ... middle of paper ... ...eep affirmative action laws then minorities groups will not thrive in the society we live in. On the other hand, William G. Bowen believes that if the affirmative action laws are repealed, then many minority groups will not receive as much opportunities in society as Caucasian people will. Regardless of the different opinions on whether or not affirmative action laws should be repealed or not the United States of America will still be a large diverse nation of individuals. Works Cited Bowen, W. G., & Bok D. (2003). “Pro & Con.” N.d. Web. 1 Apr. 2014. . Connerly, Ward. (2001) “One Nation, Invisible.” Hoover Institution Stanford University. n.d. page. 1 Apr. 2004 . . N.p.. Web. 7 Apr 2014. .

In this essay, the author

  • Explains the definition of affirmative action and how it affects individuals and communities in the united states.
  • Analyzes ward connerly's article, "one nation, indivisible", in which he expresses the legislators' approval of affirmative action laws and how it affects society.
  • Analyzes the findings of william g.bowen and derek bok's article, "pro and con," based on a study research.
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