Advantages Of Montessori Method

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Which Education Approach Is Better: Montessori or Traditional Education is very important for the development of the young mind. Children learn so quickly, they absorb information like sponges. Parents of the young minds often question what is the best way to teacher their child. Some choose the Montessori method while others opt for traditional education. The Montessori method is centered on the child learning through trial and error, where as traditional method is a Teacher curriculum structured education. Over the years research has proven that some students who are taught in a Montessori school receive higher grades than traditionally taught students. Whether children are self taught or traditionally steered, it is important to focus…show more content…
It is important to take into consideration the pros and cons of both educational method. While the traditional public school has been around longer than Montessori it does not mean it’s a better method. As a mother of a Pre-school student I do see the benefits of not restraining my child to specific areas and allowing her to learn at her own pace and allowing her to choose her learning preference. Although the Pre-school she attends is not a Montessori school, the school does incorporate some Montessori practices that I have notice to improve her learning…show more content…
The traditional method not only is readily available to all children it also supported by the state. Which means the educators are more than qualified to help students attain adequate education. While the Montessori gives children a chance to use creativity and learn at the their own pace, it also lacks the structure to cultivate the ideas of the young mind. Children need the structure in order to challenge themselves to progress to the next level in not only education, but in life. Despite the facts of Montessori being a great start for young students that’s all it is because as children get older learning gets a bit more complex. There are things that you cannot learn simply by trial and area some things are only available to learn in book, or teachers. Not to mention that most Montessori schools are only offered at the elementary education level. Often making it a difficult transition to traditional education. Lastly, the fact that Montessori education is pretty pricey puts a damper on most children attending this type of school. Some people may argue that you pay a nice chunk of money to have your child follow their own learning course, when you can in fact save the money and teach similar ideas at home free of cost. Especially since teachers have little influence on Montessori students learning styles. Thus the best approach to learning for the majority is traditional. As a student of the traditional education system, students

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