Adulthood Vs Childhood Adulthood

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Childhood and adulthood, both an inevitable part of life, yet both so different. When thinking about childhood and adulthood, what is the main difference? The main difference for most should be the stress levels. Childhood is a less stressful time of life, as opposed to adulthood, because being an adult means obligated to pay bills, being responsible for everyone in their family, and lastly having the stress of a job. Childhood is such a sweet innocent part of everyday life. Waking up for school in the morning sure seems a whole lot easier than waking up to go work a 12-hour shift. Being a child has all the perks an adult wishes they had once again. Having to wake up at 5 o’clock every morning to go to a job that isn’t very enjoyable can get tedious quick, as to where when children go to school they never anticipate the adventures that await them. When becoming an adult stress levels will tend to sky rocket. So instead of waking up to enjoy some morning cartoons, or even arts and craft at school as children normally would, adults must put on their big boy/girl pants and approach a running vehicle that is ready for its destination to hell. There aren’t very many perks of being an adult, except the fact of not having to answer to anyone, but instead the children must answer to the adults. Some will say that is a perk, others will say that is the down fall of being an adult. Yes, being an adult, they don’t have to answer to anyone but if they have a family, they are now responsible for the life that they created. Being a child means not responsible for anyone or anything, but maybe a stuffed animal or two. They don’t have to worry about what to cook for dinner, or even if they have dinner to cook for everyone. They don’t have to worr... ... middle of paper ... to make 40 hours this week, they don’t have to worry about whether taxes are being took out, and they defiantly don’t have to worry about if one day they might get laid off. Adults have it hard, they pretend everything is all set together perfectly, and in their children’s eyes it is true. But a child is oblivious to the things that happen in the real adult world. Staying young forever is completely impossible but when looking back on childhood, it gives a sense of nostalgia of the simpler days. There is no argument that childhood is one hundred percent less stressful than adulthood. Anyone who says it is not has no idea what adulthood is. Paying bills, taking care of their family, and going to work every day is enough to stress anyone out. Adulthood isn’t what everyone cracks it up to be. Adulthood is quite miserable. Most just want to go back to being a child.
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